License: Freeware, Source code included

UnixSpace: Tools for Linux/BSD.

File manager ScreenShell. Screenshot

Remote access to Linux (Unix) application from Windows box.
Useful graphical tools

UnixSpace Tools is a set of utilities that includes SSH and Telnet applets, File Manager, Text Editor, Binary Editor, and some other utilities. All tools are based on the Screen Library. The library was developed for a terminal connection (console in the text mode and under X11) as well as for connection via Web browser. In the second case, the connection is accomplished by means of the Java applet which loades from a Linux server. Java applet emulates SSH or Telnet protocols. The only thing necessary is a web browser (Explorer or Netscape) and you will have a graphical user interface for your remote Linux server. The UnixSpace tools are able to work in text mode as well as under X11.

UnixSpace Tools is a part of DBMS ConteXt project.
The evaluation version of ConteXt you can download from:UnixSpace Download Center

Questions? Mail to: alexl @
Tested for RedHat 7.2 and FreeBSD 4.4
Autor: Alexander Lashenko Toronto, Canada.